Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Drop of Blood

The drop of blood
falling from the cut above a man's eye
is one drop.
That drop multiplies
when blood runs out of a man's spleen
and out the side of his mouth
while he lies stabbed on a street
and a pool collects beside him.
That pool widens
when several men are lined up
against a wall in another place and shot.
It widens further when bombs
are dropped on a city.
That drop continues to multiply
until it becomes a terrible dawn
reaching into every eye.
Now what we see
begins with that drop,
and the pulse propelling it
allows it to measure space.
In this sun
of flaring blood,
and on the earth
made of its pouring
backed-up shadows,
how can we begin again
carrying out radiant repair
in measuring what we do?
How can we make
infinite bandaging
for our always opening wounds?
wash our eyes in great light?
Do not explain to me
how a person can drown
in an inch of water.
Blood tells us
how we can all drown in a drop of blood.

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