Friday, July 10, 2015



When they put tablets on each other’s tongues,

knowing it was time, and the young woman

gave a tablet to their child, saying to him

over and over, stroking his hair, sleep,

and they lay down, the small child between them,

they interlaced in quietness and stillness

that conquered all circumstance, they tasted

the worst anyone could taste and then even

when their eyelids lowered as if weighted

and the capability to speak left them,

and they were being swept into nullity,

they continued to resist, they touched hands

across their dead child the moments before

the men with guns aimed at them forced the door.


They lay again where they lay together  

the first time, sharing within kissing mouths

crimson glaze-coated confectionary,

laughing as the pieces melted through them,

they lay in the long viridescent grass

gazing into the deep blue forever

of the sky, the sky a door open wide,

a white cloud floating by, they lay again

where they turned together and were ushered

into the original flesh of pure faith,

and the day they lay there and their last day

were one and were what they knew now of days,

and this day alone lifted and carried them

beyond division of future and past.   


Then when the two could no longer hold on

and their hands fell away from one another,

they were taken up in a wild waiting,

a desiring outside all categories

of thought and feeling that was also an act,

a withdrawing into itself, a filling

itself again in grass, sunlight and air,

as in a never ending birth, neither

bitter nor sweet, that they in human love,

the love the end that it begins, crystallized

in the flesh as what was sweet, cancelling

what was bitter, they were gone, they were the way

they had known the sweetness, they were the candy

and the way they had known the touch, the candy.

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